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August 16, 2021
Press Release
Media Contact: Lynn Hatcher, (202) 225-6155
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today U.S. Representative Mark Amodei (NV-02) released the following statement after President Biden’s address to the nation on the crisis in Afghanistan:
“Fairly confusing press conference. President Biden inherited this from President Trump, but I guess for one of the first times, he agrees with President Trump. They both agree that we ought to get out of Afghanistan. OK.
“However, the crisis isn’t the decision to get out of Afghanistan and where the buck stops. The crisis is this commander in chief, who ostensibly runs the most powerful nation on the planet, in the last 96 hours, has embarrassed and saddened Gold Star families, allies, veterans, women’s groups, you name it, with the inability to perceive and react professionally to being overrun in a country that we’ve been in for 20 years. And saying to those people who are worried about women’s issues that we are going to engage in diplomacy with the Taliban—wow. Haven’t heard those two words in a sentence ever before. Diplomacy with the Taliban. Finally, it is true we went to Afghanistan to make America and our allies safer from threats of terrorism around the world.
“While I don’t expect anybody to lay out plans for how we continue in that mission publicly, I sure hope there are plans for the future that are better than the evacuation from the airport at Kabul. Having a country that is run by one of the most brutal cultures in the history of the planet certainly makes an already dangerous world much more dangerous. And the fact we have left these dangerous people with our technology and equipment is another abject failure of policy, planning, and execution. Certainly, we are all justified in expecting better from any administration regardless of its party. Pray for the safety of the world tonight because right now it is not a safer place.”