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Jobs And The Economy

After years of struggling to get ahead, Americans finally saw jobs, opportunities, and consumer confidence come roaring back as a direct result of Congress passing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – with my support. In CD-2 and across the nation, unemployment hit historic lows, and residents saw an increase in income. Now, with the economic challenges we face as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, we must be focused on getting America back on track and advancing solutions that provide certainty.

As your Representative, you can rest assured that I will continue delivering on your behalf by supporting pro-growth policies that will lift up our workers, increase economic development, create jobs, and make our country more competitive.

To date, I have backed legislation that has supported more than 51 million jobs nationwide amid the pandemic and allocated more than $18 billion in coronavirus relief funding for Nevada – which is an unprecedented level of relief in our State's history.

As Congress continues to explore solutions to address and mitigate the impacts of the ongoing pandemic, please know I will keep your thoughts in mind.