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October 1, 2021
Press Release
Media Contact: Lynn Hatcher, (202) 225-6155
WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Representative Mark Amodei (NV-02) today issued the following statement in response to mischaracterizations about provisions directly related to the Afghanistan withdrawal in the Continuing Resolution (CR) passed this week by the House of Representatives:
“Some have mischaracterized my vote for yesterday’s Continuing Resolution, a bill to keep the government open through December 3, avert a government shutdown, provide disaster relief for this summer’s hurricanes and wildfires, and fund our response efforts to the Afghanistan withdrawal, as opening the door to letting unvetted Afghans into the country.
“However, for those who actually read the bill, the section that outlines what benefits Afghan refugees are eligible for, Section 2502, specifically states that individuals shall only be eligible if ‘such individual completed security and law enforcement background checks to the satisfaction of the Secretary of Homeland Security.’ Simply put, while one article alleged this bill ‘opens the U.S. to unlimited refugee resettlement from Afghanistan with zero vetting,’ such a statement is at least inaccurate. As you may be aware, a provision was included in the same section to allow Afghan refugees to receive REAL ID’s. Senator Tom Cotton offered an amendment to strip this provision, which all Senate Republicans voted for. Though the amendment was defeated by a 50-to-50 vote, had the House considered a similar measure, I too would have supported it.
“It is also worth noting that in ensuring Afghan refugees are fully vetted, this bill provided $50 million to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for investigative activities associated with Afghan resettlement operations, more than $10 million above what the Administration asked for. Additionally, Republicans successfully argued against the inclusion of language that would have allowed the Biden administration to (1) waive criminal and security-related grounds of inadmissibility and (2) provide evacuees legal permanent resident status outside of normal immigration channels. My support of this bill ensures the full vetting of every individual who will come to the United States under these circumstances.
“I have said from the start—it is imperative that we not abandon, but assist, individuals who helped the United States during our mission in Afghanistan and whose lives are now in danger as a result of the Taliban’s control. That said, we must continue to ensure the safety and security of our nation is also a top priority, and I will continue to support a thorough vetting of these individuals. It is also worth noting that this CR continues the Trump budget spending levels for all intents and purposes, through the end of 2021.”

Full text of this legislation can be found here. Additional background on Congressman Amodei’s vote can be found here.