Postal Reform

Monitoring proposed reforms

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is facing a deficit of about $20 billion that will leave taxpayers footing the bill unless serious changes are made to the current system. I believe that robust reforms to the USPS are needed and steps should be taken to determine what constitutes the appropriate number of facilities throughout the nation.

However, I understand the importance of keeping postal operations in rural communities because they often lack alternatives for conducting postal businesses and parcel delivery. I believe that post offices are a central component for many rural Nevada towns and areas and we must ensure the USPS remains solvent.

For these reasons, I introduced a resolution which expresses the sense of the of House of Representatives that the United States postal facility network is an asset of significant value and the United States Postal Service should take appropriate measures to maintain, modernize, and fully utilize the existing post office network for economic growth.

I am committed to making sure this concept continues as Congress considers avenues to make the USPS more competitive and sustainable in the future.