National Security

Strong National Defense

It is important for the United States to maintain a robust military that has the capacity and tools necessary to keep our nation secure from hostile nation states, terrorists, and rogue nations. Congress must be very cautious about cutting the budget of our Armed Forces. Eliminating wasteful spending should be an ongoing effort, but I am not in favor of reducing America’s ability to defend ourselves or our allies. I will continue to do everything possible to ensure that our servicemen and women are equipped with the tools they need to effectively carry out their missions and protect our homeland against enemies foreign and domestic.


ISIS is a radical Islamist group that has been overthrowing cities in the Middle East and inciting widespread violence and anti-Western propaganda across the globe. In Iraq and Syria, ISIS continues to systematically target religious and ethnic minority groups and brutally murder thousands of innocent civilians.

After pressure from Congress to properly condemn these atrocities, the Obama Administration finally declared on March 17, 2016 that the Islamic State was committing genocide against Yazidis, Christians and Shiite Muslims in Iraq and Syria.

Unequivocally condemning these horrific actions for what they actually are is a start – but it is not enough. Violence and terrorism have no place in free, democratic societies such as our own. Defeating ISIS will require a coordinated effort from the intelligence community and our international partners. I will continue to support legislation that enhances our national security efforts and do everything possible to put an end to this brutal reign of terror.  

Syrian Refugee Crisis

The resulting destabilization of power in the Middle East has left neighboring countries and refugee asylums particularly vulnerable to the proliferation of Islamic extremism. It has long been a security concern that the Syrian refugee crisis would be exploited by ISIS and other terrorist groups to enable jihadists to gain access to the West. Those concerns were heightened when reports indicated one or more of the Paris attackers gained access to the European Union by posing as a refugee in Greece.
In the wake of these devastating attacks, it is necessary that we take action to protect American citizens from horrific acts of terrorism.  I have concerns that the flow of refugees from unstable regions of the Middle East to the United States poses a serious national security risk to the American people. I also agree that we do not yet have the necessary intelligence from Syria to vet those seeking resettlement. The United States must remain vigilant, particularly given the threat that ISIS poses around the world. 

Iran Nuclear Deal

The Iran Deal, which was a cornerstone of President Obama’s foreign policy portfolio, is a threat to our allies in the region and our own national security. Time and again, Iran has blatantly violated the agreement without any repercussion from the past Administration. The United States has a responsibility to protect our citizens and our ally, Israel. I look forward to President Trump’s Administration taking necessary action to hold Iran accountable to the international community.