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I believe transportation infrastructure is one of the most important elements in creating a thriving, job-creating economy. To ensure tax payer accountability, the current highway program needs to be seriously examined and I believe we need to also look at reasonable methods to respect the autonomy of communities to receive funding for priorities that are important. Nevadans need predictability and sustainability for our infrastructure needs.

As Nevadans, we are privileged to have some of the more breathtaking and elaborate trail systems in the nation. We have also historically enjoyed the reputation as a world-class destination for outdoor recreation. Encouraging and expanding continued visitation to our state will help our recovering economy.

As you know, having good transportation infrastructure is a critical component towards economic growth - especially in a state as economically diverse and expansive like ours. This means that roads, rails, and airports need to be able and ready to alleviate increased congestion to attract additional employers to Nevada. I remain committed to doing whatever is reasonable and prudent to ensure that the transportation funding is sufficient to meet our national needs.

Interstate 11

Congress passed the FAST Act, a five-year federal surface transportation law in 2015. While providing general transportation needs and funding, the law also includes the extension of the Interstate 11 Corridor from Las Vegas to Interstate 80, with the route generally taking place along the western portion of the state.

The vision for the corridor is to connect Mexico with Canada through Nevada, a plan that could take 50 years to complete. State and local stakeholders need to provide input now on the importance of I-11 to meet the growing economic and transportation needs of the state. I will continue to have meaningful discussions with all those who have a say in Nevada's transportation future.