Health Care

ObamaCare mandated that all uninsured Americans purchase health insurance or face a financial penalty. This law created complex regulations for health care providers and insurers, imposed unfunded mandates on states and small businesses, dramatically expanded Medicaid coverage and cut Medicare funding, all while permitting the Obama Administration to issue waivers for those groups it chose to exempt, raise taxes on successful individuals and additional health services, and raise fees on insurance companies.

ObamaCare failed to accomplish real reform, and instead harmed health care, job creation, and the federal deficit at a time when our country could not afford such government inflicted damage.   

ObamaCare caused premiums to skyrocket, forcing millions of Americans off of their current coverage and putting unelected Washington bureaucrats between patients and their doctors. With respect to the uninsured, ObamaCare drove up the cost of health care and takes us further away from real solutions to improve health care access.

As if these consequences were not bad enough, you hear every day in Nevada and across the country of small business owners who cannot hire and expand because of the increased regulatory costs of ObamaCare. ObamaCare’s equation is simple: higher costs, more debt, fewer doctors, reduced access, fewer jobs, and increased dependency on failed federal programs. This was not the answer to our health care crisis and it’s only getting worse.

For this reason, I plan to choose a better way. My colleagues and I in Congress are working on a replacement for ObamaCare which will increase access to health care across the board. Unlike ObamaCare, the plan I am I willing to support must not offer empty promises of insurance which no providers will accept and which bankrupt our hospitals and community health professionals. I will vote for a plan which doesn’t give handouts to special interest groups and that drives down the cost of care across the system from pharmaceuticals to preventative care. We must ensure we accomplish these goals without sacrificing the world renowned quality and innovation of the American health system. I will not support a plan that ignores the reality of pre-existing conditions and unexpected life events.